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Personal information  
First name(s) / Surname(s)     Vasilică-Cristi DANILEŢ
Address(es)    141B Calea Plevnei, 6th district, Bucharest 060011, Romania

blog:   web:

Nationality    Romanian

Date of birth    14 December 1975

Civil status    Married, two children

Work experience  

Dates / Occupation or position held / Main activities and responsibilities

07 January 2011 – to date
Member of Superior Council of Magistracy, Bucharest

15 July 2009 – 23 February 2011
Vice-president of Oradea First Instance Court
Judge at Oradea First Instance Court, criminal division

May 2007 – July 2009
Judge at Tribunal Cluj

January 2005 – May 2007
Counsellor of the Minister of Justice, Ministry of Justice, Bucharest

2004 – 2005
Judge at Cluj-Napoca First Instance Court, Cluj County

1998 – 2011
Judge at Vatra-Dornei First Instance Court, Suceava County

Education and training  

Dates/ Title of qualification awarded/ Name and type of organization providing education and training

2002 – 2012
Doctorial studies – Criminal Procedure, Faculty of Law, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

2001 – 2002
Master of Laws (LL.M) – Criminal Sciences and Criminal Forensics, Faculty of Law, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

2000 – 2001
Graduate of post-secondary education courses on criminal sciences, Universitatea de Vest, Timişoara

1994 – 1998
Faculty of Law, “Al. I. Cuza” University, Iaşi, România
Professional training programmes, conferences, seminaries  
2011  „Commune values in Romanian and Moldovan Justice” – international conference; lecture on independence of judiciary, freedom of expression, freedom of association of judges, and accountability of judiciary, Chişinău, Rep. Moldova.

2010 „Mediation for the benefit of community and justice”, Tulcea


-“Financing Justice” (UNJR) , Cluj-Napoca, lecture on “International standards on financing Justice”
-“European dialogue between judges and prosecutors” (UNJR), Sofia, Bulgaria; lecture on “History of the reform of Romanian judiciary”;
-“Romanian Justice and Secret Services” (UNJR), Bucharest, lecture on “SIPA abuses on magistrates”

2008  “Building judicial integrity”, training course on corruption of judiciary, Prague, organized by CEELI Institute

2007 “Prosecutors and the rule of law”, MEDEL, UNJR, TI-RO, Bucharest

2006 “Liability of judges – a comparative approach Romania-EU”, organized  by Friedrich Ebert Foundation and M.E.D.E.L. (European Magistrates for Democracy and Freedoms), Bucharest, Romania;

2004  “Code of Ethics for magistrates – theoretical and practical aspects”, organized by ABBA/CEELI, Romania.

International experience

2012 Speaker on  „Disciplinary proceedings against judges” at the  international conferrence „Independence an Integrity of the Judiciary”, Istanbul, Turcia, organised by GRECO şi OSCE, 28-29th june 2012;

Speaker on “Independence and Accountability” at the international conference “Strategic Planning for the Judiciary”, Kyiv, Ukraine, organised by OSCE;

Expert for the Council of Europe for assessment report on the draft justice sector reform strategy 2011-2015 of the Republic of Moldova; Expert on the Proposed Amendments to the Laws on the Superior Council of Magistracy, on the Status of Judges and on Judicial Organisation of the Republic of Moldova

2007 – 2010
Lecturer on international standards on justice and history of the reform of Romanian judiciary within meetings organized by the High Councils of Justice of Bulgaria, Moldova, Montenegro, Macedonia.

2005 – 2007
Expert for the Council of Europe, representative of Romania within the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ), Strasbourg

2 – 3 March 2007
Expert for the Working Group on strengthening the integrity of judges, set up for drafting the “Commentary on the Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct”, organized by UNODC, Austria, Vienna.

2005 – present
Member of European Judges and Prosecutors Association / Association des Magistrats de l`Union Européenne
Published works  

Studies and articles

1.    Article “Mass media shall re-establish the population’s confidence in Justice”, Gazeta de Cluj no.116-118/2004, republished by as “Mass media vs. Justice” on 28.02.2005
2.    Study “Lustration in Romanian Judiciary” co-author,, 2007
3.    Study “Effects of globalization on Justice”, Pandectele Romane, supplement of 2007, pages 25-34
4.    Article “Independence and Impartiality of Justice. International Standards” published online on, March 2008
5.    Article “Superior Council of Magistracy – unlawful competencies on the ethics of magistrates” in the “Forum of Judges” Review no.1/2009 page 41
6.    Article “Remuneration of magistrates – a condition for the independence of Justice, co-author in the “Forum of Judges’ Review no.01/2009 page 63
7.    Article “Ethical conduct and professional deontology within Justice” in “Forum of Judges” Review no.2/2009 page 16
8.    Article “White Paper. Self-governing of judicial power, administration and decentralization of courts”, co-author in THEMIS no.01/2010
9.    Article “Vulnerabilities of the judiciary”, RNSJ (, 19.10.2009
10.    Article “Justice as a public power within the rule of law”, RNSJ, 31.12.2009
11.    Article “Independence of justice within the rule of law: (I) Standards of structural independence, (II) Standards of personal independence” in THEMIS Review of NIM no.1 and no.2 of 2010.

Specialized articles

1.    Article “Abuse of trust: The passive subject other than the owner of good”, published in the Law Review no.11/2001
2.    Remark to the case study “Preventive detention by the prosecutor. Unfulfilling the conditions of article 148 paragraph 1 letter h of the Criminal Procedure Code. Appraisal criteria”, published in the review “Curierul Judiciar” no.9/2002.
3.    Article “Temporary replacement of the preventive detention measure with the measure of not leaving the locality in order to allow the defendant to participate at the funeral of his mother”, published in the “LAW” Review no.5/2003
4.    Exam of case-law: “Synthesis of criminal judicial practice of courts from Cluj County – 2nd Quarter 2002”, published in the review “STUDIA UNIVERSITATIS BABES-BOLYAI. IURISPRUDENTIA no.1/2003
5.    Article: “Change of venue in criminal cases – theoretical and practical aspects”, published in the “LAW” review no.09/2003
6.    Article “Theoretical and practical aspects of notifying the court in the matter of direct preliminary complaint” published in “LAW” review no.9/2004
7.    Article “The judge and mediation in Romanian trial”, Mediation review no.1/2010

Books, monographs

1.    “Romanian legal system – An independent report”, co-author, edited by the Society for Justice (SoJust), Bucharest, September 2006.
2.    “Factors of pressure and conflicts of interests – A guide for judges”, co-author, edited by Konrad Adenauer Foundation and SoJust, Iasi, 2007.
3.    “Efficiency and fairness of justice. European standards”, translations and coordination, IRDO, Bucharest, 2008.
4.    “Mediation. Standards and procedures” University Publishing House, Bucharest 2009
5.    “Corruption and anti-corruption within judiciary” CH Beck, Bucharest, 2009
6.    “Mediation guide”, co-author, University Publishing House, Bucharest, January 2010
7.    “Commentary on the Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct”, translation, CH Beck, Publishing House, April 2010.
8.    Opinions and studies, 2004-2010, Universul Juridic, 2010
9.    International standards for liability of judges, CSM, 2011

Main areas of interest

    Independence of justice, impartiality of judges, integrity of judiciary, ethics of magistrates;
    Alternative dispute resolution of cases

Training experience   

    Trainer for ethics and deontology, appointed in the framework of the programme of continuous training (since 2006)
    Lecturer for decentralized continuous training sessions for magistrates on methods for improving the confidence of population in the judiciary, respectively on the three “I”s: independence, impartiality, integrity (since 2006).
    Lecturer on the independence of justice within the extracurricular conferences for justice auditors (since 2005).
    Didactic activities at the Faculty of Law of “Babes-Bolyai” University in Cluj –Napoca: Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law seminars (2002-2005).

Personal skills and competences  

Mother tongue    Romanian

Other languages    English, French
Self-assessment        Understanding    Speaking    Writing
European level (*)        Listening    Reading    Spoken interaction    Spoken production
English            C        C        C        C        C
French            B        B        B        B        B
(*) Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Organisational skills and competences    Analytical abilities and capacity of synthesis, capacity to organize, capacity to plan and devise strategic and general objectives;
Celerity in finding the best solutions, capacity to evaluate their impact, capacity to foresee, to estimate and to plan on long term;
Communication and mediation abilities, speaker abilities;
Team player both in domestic and foreign environments;
Stress resistant and ability to cope to a long period of effort, flexibility;
Capacity to assume responsibilities.

Recent projects

“Strategy for Strengthening the Integrity within Judiciary”, “Actions Plan for the Implementation of this Strategy” – initiator and coordinator, SCM, 2011;
“Judges support mediation” – national project, 2010, initiator and coordinator;
“Legal education for high school pupils” – local project, Oradea 2010, initiator and lecturer;
“Litigants` opinion on Justice” – project at county level, Bihor 2009, initiator and coordinator.

Computer skills and competences    European Computer Driving Licence, complete level, 2006
Driving licence    B category (since 1994)

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